Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ancestor Approved Award

Thank you Leslie Ann from Ancestors in the News (Extra Extra! Read All About it!) gave me this lovely award!!

Here are the 'rules':
1.  List ten things that you have learned about your ancestors that surprised, humbled or enlightened you.

2.  Pass the award to ten other genealogy bloggers.
Alright, lets see what I can come up with..
1.  How hard the women in my family have worked.  Raising 8 to 15 children without hydro, running water.. helping their husbands clear the land and farm.
2.  The losses the families endured.  Losing children at such a young age.
3.  How far from home some of my ancestors travelled and how early on they came to Canada.  From England & France to Canada in the 1790's to the 1820's.
4.  The illnesses that people lived through and died from.  How misdiagnosis landed some in asylums..
5.  How LARGE my family actually is.
6.  How wars affect families and their lives.
7.  From reading letters - how funny they could be.
8.  How proud they were.
9.  How stubborn they were (LOL)
10.  How loved they were.


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