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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Research Roadblock - Sweezie

Over the last few weeks I have been helping a friend of mine work on her family tree.  We've hit a fairly major road block, a George N Sweezie (aka Sweezy, Swayze, Sweazie, etc) and his wife Hannorah.

They have been very elusive - showing up periodically on birth records, mentioned on marriage records but not turning up on any census that I can find!

This couple had 4 children (that I've been able to find so far):  Sarah Catherine (b 1876), Elisabeth Ann (b 1878), Hannorah (b 1882) and John George (b 1884).  I have managed to find birth records for all 4, all with some very interesting spelling variations on the last name and their mother's name!

Variations found so far:

- George Nicholas Sweazie & Hannorah Heayer
- George Sweezey & Nora Neezar
- George N Sweeny & Hannorah Maser
- Geo N Sweeyie & Hannosa Mayer
- George Sweesy & Honorah Neizer
- Geoge N Sweeyie & Hannorah Mayer
- George Sweezy & Nora Nager

With some many variations they have been almost impossible to pin down anywhere.   Which has gotten a little frustrating!  The other irritating part - with so many variations, how am I to tell what is the 'real' spelling of the name?

Hopefully with some lucky I will be able to track down these elusive Sweezie's on the Canadian censuses.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Some Websites I Use

These are some of the websites that I use:

Rootschat - Forum and Chatroom
Family Search Pilot Site
Free BMD UK - BMD seach engine
Find My Past - UK Site
Scotlands People
Do you have a favorite site that you use?