Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back to Researching

A few months ago I packed away my genealogy research - life had gotten a little hectic and with so many brick walls in my way I decided to take a break.  Recently I unpacked those binders and papers from the dark recesses of my bookshelf and decided to tackle it once again!

What's New:

I decided to do some cleaning up on my tree - filling in blanks and citing sources etc.

Recently I helped a friend start her family tree - we took at trip to the Ontario Archives and were able to fill in a few blanks to get to her next generation.  We had a great time!

As you might have noticed I also did some re-vamping on my blog look.  New header and layout to freshen things up a bit.

Now that things have slowed down with work I will be back to my regular posting schedule.

Anyone have any exciting discoveries??

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